Terms & Conditions

We love you

If you ain’t happy, we ain’t happy. That’s the way it is.

We’re just a small business, trying to do something we love, and we’re still working a lot of things out. We’ve got supply lines and stuff set up and we will endeavour to get products shipped as soon as possible but sometimes we might be running behind. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you updated.

Due to the handmade nature of most of our products we also reserve the right to change parts from the spec or photograph for a similar part of equivalent quality without notice.

If you buy from us:
Each individual component sold alone or as part of a full build is guaranteed against failure for 12 months. This does not include wear and tear or misuse.

If you get your item and you’re not happy, get back to us. For some stuff we can sort out a return and refund but bear in mind that with a lot of our products being custom made for the buyer, some stuff is not returnable. That said, we have and will continue to make adjustments and amend things after the sale to get it just right.

Thanks for your support.